Industrial Group

Utilizing both light and heavy mangles and also taking advantage of modern equipped lab, our company has gained significant successes in producing industrial parts which are listed in the following:
•    various types of seal packing used in water valves (ranges from 150mm-1500mm diameter);
•    different types of both insertion and simple diaphragms used in Oil, Gas, Petro-chemistry and Steal industries;
•    various types of  high pressure net-type joints;
•    Different types of rubber Pistons, Packing, and Gaskets used in drilling industry;
•    Various O-rings, Gaskets, Packing, Washers, and… used in home appliances;
•    Different types of Gates, Stators, and rubber Bushes used in water valves, food industry, and Oil, Gas, and Petro-Chemistry industries.

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